Supporting Priests of Integrity
Special thanks to Christina Hurley, who chaired this effort, and all the members
of the "Supporting Priests of Integrity" working group for their hard work and
dedication to this project.
"In May, 2002, the Winchester-Area Parish Voice Chapter of VOTF (WAVOTF) began
meeting.  The structure we followed from our initial sessions was to break into areas of
interest, and have discussions about what we could do to address needs in these topic
areas.  One group that met from the outset was the "Supporting Priests of Integrity"

We feel that we would be remiss if we did not stop and acknowledge the suffering of
victims at this point.  Without the victims, VOTF would not have formed, and without
them, we would not be engaged in an open dialogue on how our church needs to evolve
to be a better church.  The priests interviewed all share the same concerns for victims
as VOTF.  Although the purpose of this particular document is to convey the findings of
our group, we are dedicated to supporting the needs of the survivors of sexual abuse.  
Further, some comments within the document may now seem less relevant than when
first given.  It is important to note that all surveys were conducted in August - October,

The complete report of our survey findings are presented in the Priests Survey report.  
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