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During our meetings, we have been given the opportunity to learn more about
our church through Education Capsules presented by Mary Lou Burke.

Ms. Burke has a MTS degree from the  Weston Jesuit School.  She has been employed at
St. Eulalia Parish in Winchester, MA since 1996.   Ms. Burke worked as the Liturgical
Coordinator at St. E's before assuming the position of Pastoral Associate in 2001.

Below are links to each of her Education Capsules presented during  our Monday meetings.
Thanks Mary Lou for all your hard work and insight!
You've given us much to think about and reflect upon!
Vatican II Education Capsule
Vatican II Revisited Education Capsule
Canon Law  Education Capsule
Council of Trent  Education Capsule
Hierarchical Structure # 1 Education Capsule
Hierarchical Structure # 2 Education Capsule
Hierarchical Structure # 3 Education Capsule
Hierarchical Structure # 4 Education Capsule
History of the Eucharist Education Capsule
Mary Our Mother Education Capsule