The following questionnaire was included as a bulletin insert for the 4 masses during the weekend of March 8 & 9. Out of 700 bulletins inserts, we received 40 completed questionnaires. Our goal was to determine how VOTF is perceived in the parish and to get feedback. The detailed responses to questions 5, 6, and 7 are shown following the questionnaire below.



Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) is a group of Catholic laity formed early in 2002 as a result of the priest sexual abuse scandal in the Church. The Winchester Area VOTF has been meeting at St. Eulaliaís since May, 2002, with the encouragement of Fr. LaVoie and subsequently supported by Fr. Bertelli and Fr. Nestor. We have attracted and welcomed all our neighbors who share our goals to support those who have been abused, to support priests of integrity, and to shape structural change within the Church. At this time we would like your opinion about VOTF. Please take a few minutes to answer this questionnaire, and return it to an OSR box, or mail it to VOTF, c/o St. Eulaliaís, 50 Ridge St. Winchester, MA 01890.

1. Are you aware of the existence of VOTF? Yes____ No_____

2. If yes, how did you hear about VOTF?

_____ a) through the media

_____ b) parish bulletin

______ c) from a VOTF member

______ d) other (please specify)______________________________________

3. Have you ever attended a VOTF meeting? Yes_____ No______

4. If yes, where?

_______a) St. Eulaliaís

_______b) Wellesley

_______c) elsewhere (please specify)___________________________

5. What is your opinion of VOTF?

6. Are you a member of VOTF? Yes_______ No________


7. What suggestions do you have for VOTF?


Please use the reverse side of paper if additional space is needed for any question or to make any additional comments. We thank you for your participation. For further information about VOTF, please visit our national website at and our local site at

Question #5:

What is your Opinion of Voice of the Faithful

Responses to Question #5:


Question #6:

Are You a Member of VOTF? Yes / No

Responses to Question #6:


Question #7:

What Suggestions Do You Have For VOTF?

Responses to Question #7: