Minutes of Steering Committee,

Winchester Area VOTF, May 5, 2004, 7.30 p.m.


In attendance: Bob Morris, Pat Brandl, Marge Bean, Louise Aleo, Bill Murphy, Paul Kellen, Clare Keane.


The Opening Prayer was offered by Pat.


Financial Status: Bob reported we have thus far received about $1700 in donations that we will present to St. Eulalia's at the Second Anniversary meeting on May 10. Bob will send an email to all registered members about Monday's meeting and we hope to receive additional donations at that time. We will give donations to several of the June 4 Coffeehouse performers. We also plan to reimburse some of David Gibson's expenses for the June 12 Parish Voice conference.


Discussion of Recent Meetings: The last month's meetings have all been well-received, with attendance running between 50 and 85 for each.


Boston VOTF Council: Pat has stood in for Bob at two recent meetings and Bob asked if anyone could do the same at upcoming meetings in Boston. He will appeal for a stand-in at our May 17 meeting.


Upcoming Meetings: The Survivor Support group will discuss at the May 17 meeting whether or not to distribute the moneys collected from the sale of Christmas Cards to SNAP and LinkUp. Distribution would occur promptly thereafter.

The Supporting Priests group is working on plans for the next Potluck Supper to be held on May 22 in Manion Hall. Non-responding priests will be called back in the next week.

The New England VOTF Conference will be held on November 13 at the Worcester Centrum.


Other Planned Meetings: The Coffeehouse for Survivors is planned for June 4. The group has lined up a number of musical performers including Mixed Nuts, Mare Streetpeople, and a group from St. Eulalia's choir. Raffle prizes will include Red Sox tickets, a print from Frank Baratta, Jim Muller's autographed book and many gift certificates.


Possible Future meetings: Bill Murphy gave a brief outline of how to structure small Faith-Sharing Groups, similar to those which formed during the Lenten focus, "Healing the Body of Christ". He will make a presentation at the May 17 working groups meeting. The May 24 meeting will hopefully feature Elia and Michael Marnik who will present a primer on church structures prepared by the Structural Change working group.

May 31 is Memorial Day (no meeting)

June 7, Working Groups

June 12, Parish Voice Conference David Gibson will speak on "Changing Church Culture or Structure?"

June 14 Fr Ron Coyne from Weymouth will speak.

June 23 (note that this is a Wednesday): Lisa Sowle Cahill, professor at Boston College, will speak.

June 28, we will hold a Healing Service for all affected by parish reconfigurations.

July 6 (note that this is a Tuesday): Jason Berry will speak.

July 12: Working Groups

July 19: Dick Ryan, contributor to the National Catholic Reporter, will speak.

July 26: we plan to host a panel of married deacons and their wives.


Other ideas for future meetings include a panel of parish council/finance council members; Fr. Donald Cozzens; Colleen Griffith; Fr. Bruce Teague; Professor Roberto Goizueta.


The next Steering Committee Meeting will be held on June 2.

For the Closing Prayer, the group prayed the Our Father.