Minutes: Winchester Area VOTF Steering Committee - December 5, 2002 - 7:30 p.m.

Present: Bob Morris, Anna-Marie Ferraro, Marge Bean, Paul Kellen, Louise Aleo, Regina Pontes, Jan Dolan, Anne Harris

The meeting was opened with prayer.

Anna-Marie reported that the collection taken at the December 2 meeting for survivor's "baskets" netted $277. This enables Winchester Area VOTF to add three more baskets, totalling nine (the "baskets" contain needed materials for those dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse by clergy). Subject to the approval of the Monday night group, $200 will be sent to St. Eulalia's as a donation. The basket will be circulated for one more week at the December 9th meeting.

Paul Kellen received a telephone call from Dr. Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea the night after he had read her speech given to the Bishop's conference in the fall. Dr. Frawley-O'Dea agreed to come to address VOTF Winchester in the future. It was suggested she should also appear at Boston College, since her knowledge and contribution are so valued.

Ways to communicate regarding snow cancellations when needed was discussed. Multi-media ways are being explored. A telephone recording for a specific number will be investigated.

The greatest amount of meeting time was spent in discussion of consideration of the Archdiocese filing bankruptcy as reported in the press, continuing reports of sexual abuse, and the Cardinal's prohibition of meetings at specific parishes for clergy meetings. Strong, anxious, impatient feelings were aired.

It was agreed that the December 9 meeting, time for small group discussion in the working groups will be needed in light of the membership's similar feelings needing voice.

A prayer service will take place December 16 at St. Eulalia Church. Regina will design the evening and asks for volunteers. It was suggested that readings relating to this time in the church be chosen, read and shared.

Jim Skahan will deliver results of his research on the life of Cardinal Newman. This will be the "education" component for the December 6 meeting.

The deadline for candidates for VOTF offices is near. Those interested are urged and encouraged to please apply!

The meeting was closed with prayer.

Submitted 12/7/02. Anne Harris