Minutes of the Steering Committee, Winchester Area Voice of The Faithful

Wednesday, October 23, 2002 7:30 PM, St. Eulalia’s

In attendance: Marge Bean, Anna-Marie Ferraro, Jane Howard, Paul Kellen and Bob Morris

Opening Prayer offered by Paul Kellen

Discussion: VOTF Meeting Monday, Oct. 21, 2002

• The combination of meeting at round tables and the use of a roving wireless microphone seemed to facilitate/ encourage the Invitation to Speak portion of the agenda.

• The Feedback to the Chancery Group generated new energy after the recent Vatican Statement on the Bishops’ Policy re Sexual Abuse. This group is writing to Bishop Wilton Gregory and others regarding the committee to be formed consisting of four bishops and four Vatican appointees.

Discussion: Review of Sunday, October 20’s Introduction to VOTF after the 11:00 Mass

• The Committee agreed that this went well. With 30-35 attending, it was clear from many of the comments/questions that there was a lack of awareness about the purpose and mission of VOTF. Plans for two more such sessions are underway. The first will be on Saturday, Nov. 24, after the 4:00 PM Mass if this doesn’t interfere with Confirmation. Bob will check on the feasibility of this date.

Discussion: Preparation for October 28 VOTF Meeting and the presentation by Ann Carroll for The Voice of Compassion (VOC)

• Bob related that the Winchester Area VOTF will have adequate amounts of VOC materials on hand.

• The order of the meeting will be: Opening Prayer, Welcome/Announcements, Church Education, Voice of Compassion, Invitation to Speak and Breakout Sessions if time allows.

Discussion: Preparation for Monday, Nov. 4, 2002, featuring Rev. Robert Bullock. His subject is Voice of The Faithful’s Second Goal: Supporting Priests of Integrity.

In order to accommodate as many questions as possible after this and all guest speaker talks, three suggestions were adopted.

• The first focused on creating guidelines to handle the question period.

• The second proposed offering 3x5 index cards so that attendees can formulate questions to pass on to the speaker should their questions not be accommodated/aired in the time allowed. These cards will be collected and a list of questions will be compiled to give to Father Bullock (and any future speaker should this practice seem appropriate in the future.)

• The moderator (Bob) will recognize each questioner.

Suggested Guidelines for the Question Section of a Guest Speaker Presentation

1. The moderator will recognize the questioner.

2. Inquiries from those who have not previously asked questions will be recognized first.

3. All questioners are asked to use the microphone which will be brought to her/him by a "runner."

4. Questions should be concise, addressed to the guest speaker, and limited to one (1) minute or so in length. Questioners should avoid speeches.

5. After asking her/his question, questioners should hand the mike back to the "runner."

6. The audience is asked to please use the index cards provided to record their questions in case time doesn’t allow their questions to be aired. In that case, all questions can then be forwarded in printed/written form to be included in a list of questions to be compiled by VOTF and presented to the speaker.

Updates on potential Speakers and Initiatives

• Monday, Dec. 2, 2002 - Tom Carr and Team Response to Sexual Abuse Survivors

• Monday, Jan. 13, 2003 - Jacqueline Landry, Harvard U. Catholic Chaplain

Youth Perspective: Voice of the Future

• No set dates for Rev. Nestor speaking on Seminary Formation and its Changes;

Rev. O’Malley, Weston School of Theology, on Church History

It was suggested that Monday night speakers should address relevant VOTF issues, and other subjects/enrichment might be covered at other times.

Open Discussion focused on two areas:

1. Communication Issues: The importance of disseminating Steering Committee Minutes, Calendar Listings, and Information; as well as enlisting PR person or committee for outreach and media postings. Calendar Listings should be posted on the Wellesley site in addition to our own.

2. Doing More for Victims: In response to inquiries from victims/survivors as well as our own membership to the question, just what is doing to aid victims, it was proposed to use the Monday before Tom Carr & Team’s presentation to inform and prepare our members for that evening’s subject matter. Thus, it was proposed that on Monday, Nov. 25, Paul Kellen will read from the speech given to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in Dallas by Mary Gail Frawley-O’Dea, Ph.D. Her talk, titled The Experience of the Victim of Sexual Abuse: A Reflection is sobering and comes from her 15 years of experience in treating these victims. Dr. Frawley-O’Dea is a clinical psychiatrist in NY City, on the faculty of Adelphi Univ. and author of the book Treating the Adult survivor of Sexual Abuse.

The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer.