Minutes - VOTF Steering Committee Meeting - October 16, 2002

St. Eulalia Parish Center
Present: Bob Morris, Anna-Marie Ferraro, Barbara Doherty, Jan Dolan, Anne Harris, Jane Howard, Suzy Nauman

Bob Morris opened the meeting with prayer. In reviewing the previous meeting on October 14 (Columbus Day) it was noted attendance (approximately 40 ?) was greater than had been anticipated for the holiday. The number permitted discussion groups to remain at previously arranged tables in Manion Hall. Mary Lou Burke's presentation of a series on "The Hierarchy" was much appreciated.

Plans were made for the VOTF presentation following the 11 o'clock Mass on October 20. Suzy Nauman will give an introduction to VOTF; Christina will describe Priests' support, Regina Pontes, Prayer.

Discussion of future meetings indicated the continuing education component provided by guest speakers to be important. Father Robert Bullock will speak at the November 4 meeting in the main Church. By scheduling rather than by particular design, we have had guest speakers once a month and this was thought to be a good program balance. Future meetings will include Tom Carr and team members of a Pastoral Response Assistance Team who consult with victims, clergy, courts and parishes in the legal aspects of sexual assault problems. Father John O'Malley is being invited also for a future meeting (possibly January).

It was suggested that brain storming by the membership and the committee may produce creative needed, helpful ways to reach out to survivors in spiritual, financial, needed ways accepted and beneficial.

Investigation for improving the sound system in Manion Hall is being requested.

The meeting ended with prayer at 9:00 o'clock.