Minutes of Steering Committee,

Winchester Area VOTF, Sept. 4, 2002, 7.30 p.m.

In attendance: Anna-Marie Ferraro, Marge Bean, Mary Lou Burke, Regina Pontes, Barbara Doherty, Michele Nivens, Anne Harris, Paul Kellen, Ann Marie Gray, Dee Ingalls, Judy Eisel, Louise Aleo, Marion Gura, Clare Keane.

Anna-Marie chaired the meeting in Bob’s absence.

The Opening Prayer was offered by Anna-Marie Ferraro. Attendees introduced themselves.

Brochure Review: The final column of the brochure for distribution on Sept. 8 was critiqued by the group and edited by Regina. Quotes from Scripture, encyclicals and Vatican II documents on the laity’s mission have been added, as well as a graphic depicting the diverse face of humanity. The header of the column now reads "We are all called…" The contents will be submitted for posting on the website. Regina will print 250 copies on parchment colored paper. Mary Lou offered the folding machine for folding the brochures.

September 8 VOTF Presentation at a Mass: Anna-Marie distributed the redrafted plan for Sept 8. She noted the names of all in the group who plan to attend and assist at the presentation to parishioners and asked individuals to volunteers for the specific tasks listed. Dee will announce the presentation from the pulpit after Mass. Chairs will be already set up. Volunteers will place food on tables and drinks at long table. Blue forms for registering for VOTF will be available to parishioners. Others will greet parishioners, hand out brochures, and answer questions.

Six representatives will speak about different aspects of VOTF, each for about 2 minutes.

Other VOTF members will join them at the front of Manion Hall to assist in fielding any questions following the presentation. Somehow we will also try to get the banner (carried at the convention) to the church before Sunday.

Agenda for 9/9 Meeting:

The meeting will follow the usual format – Prayer and Song, Introductions, Education topic, Open Discussion, Breakout Groups, and Final Prayer.

Discussion followed about showing greater support for victims. The subject of the Sept. 22 boycott of Masses and demonstration at the Cathedral generated many varied responses. The group resolved to plan another Monday night session to victim speakers.


Anne Harris noted that Fr. Savage has agreed to come and speak and wants us to suggest a topic. One possibility is to focus on the generation to which he ministers - young adults – and their response to the current crisis in the church. Marion has approached Fr. Tom Nestor to speak at a VOTF meeting on preparation of candidates for the priesthood.

Paul has secured a promise of help with the Sex abuse presentation from Tim Nichols.

For the Closing Prayer, the group prayed the Our Father.