Minutes of Steering Committee, June 20, 2007, 7.30 p.m.

In attendance: Bob Morris, Jan Dolan, Anna-Marie Ferraro, Paul Kellen, Louise Aleo, Bill Murphy, Millie Feloney, Clare Keane.

The Opening Prayer was offered by Bob.

Financial Report: Anna-Marie reported that revenue from Sr. Nancy Murray’s presentation netted $2204.00. This amount more than covered expenses of $1836.42 and a donation will be made to survivors. On our fifth anniversary we presented to Fr. Tom a check for $3000.00.Our net balance is currently 1206.40. Anna-Marie noted that over the past 5 years our affiliate has donated a total of $14,775.08 to survivors. We are still holding a balance of $1617.74 which is earmarked for survivors.


A discussion of our recent meetings followed. The big three meetings, the Tribute to Fr. Bullock, the 5th anniversary meeting with Fr. McGinty, and Sr. Nancy Murray, were highly successful events, with over 500 people attending Sr. Nancy’s St. Catherine of Siena presentation.

The calendar over the next few months includes the introduction of an alternative to Faith Sharing – the showing of Faithful Revolution, a series of videos about Vatican II. Each episode would be followed by general discussion. Also a discussion of Fr. McGinty’s paper delivered on our 5th anniversary, “A Future Worth the Wait” was proposed. Fr. Mark O’Connell is coming to speak on July 23, and Fr. Robert Doherty from Pope John XXIII Seminary on September 10. Bob provided us with two lists – one of meetings which have already been explored and could easily be arranged, and one of ideas for possible meetings. A schedule including suggestions from both lists was approved and incorporated into the calendar over the next several months.

Bill has settled on Aug. 1 as a date that all members of the small group can meet and eat with Bishop Irwin.

The next Steering Committee meeting will be on Wednesday, Sept 5.

For the Closing Prayer, the group prayed the Our Father.