Minutes of Steering Committee,

Winchester Area VOTF, June 11, 2003, 7.30 p.m.

In attendance: Bob Morris, Anna-Marie Ferraro, Jan Dolan, Anne Harris, Louise Aleo, Paul Kellen, Clare Keane.

The Opening Prayer was offered by Bob.

Financial Status: Anna-Marie reported the balance in our account is $620 after donations of $100 to SNAP and $1407 to the Survivors' Appeal. Some discussion ensued concerning Professor O'Brien's request for a PowerPoint projector for his presentation next Monday, June 16. This item can be rented for $100-200. Anna-Marie will investigate. Also we are looking into the purchase of a locking bookcase for our library. The group agreed unanimously to the suggestion that we buy a baby gift for Shannon, the parish secretary, when her baby is born (any day now!) Bob also floated the idea of having a parish fair. Some members cautioned that this is a major undertaking that may not generate enough funds to make it worthwhile.

Discussion of Recent Meetings: The coffeehouse for survivors was very successful in the opinion of all. Patricia DeLeeuw's talk on June 2 was also very well received.

June 7 Conference: Steering Committee members who were at conference summarized the content of the workshops they attended. Some will make presentations to the general membership on June 23. The goal of collaboration between the Priests' Forum and VOTF engendered much discussion. Marie Doyle has been approached to initiate this conversation with Fr. Bullock.

Future Meetings: It was felt that the Monday night attendees need to hear what is going on at various meetings. The agenda for June 23, therefore, will consist mainly of brief presentations on the June 7 conference, the Lay Council Meeting of June 21, the meeting between WAVOTF representatives and the St. Eulalia's Pastoral Parish Council, the meeting of the US Conference of Catholic bishops, and the SNAP conference (these last two to be held in St. Louis next week). At the June 23 meeting, copies of the St. Anthony Messenger June 2003 issue on Crisis in the Church will be handed out so that members have time to read the articles before the Monday June 30 meeting when we will discuss the articles in small groups. July 7, two Sisters will talk about the viewpoint of women religious concerning the crisis in the church. July 14 we will host Edward Vasek, S.J. from the Weston School of Theology who will talk about the church's sexual ethics.

Presentations on the new due process for accused priests are being planned for late summer.

Bob would like to invite Phil and Lauren de Albuquerque to talk about the Lighthouse, the new one-stop center for survivors of abuse which was opened recently in East Boston.

There is some interest in planning a Monday night meeting between Priests' Forum and VOTF-central leaders..

Plans are being made for a spiritual musical evening on September 8.

Jan will approach Fr. John O'Malley again and invite him to speak some time in October.

Several other ideas were floated and some met with approval. Members will follow up.

Supporting Priests: The group plans to hold another potluck supper in the fall, before the start of the holiday season.

Other Business: Louise informed members that there is a plan to design and market a Christmas card to raise funds for survivors.

The next Steering Committee Meeting will be held on July 16.

For the Closing Prayer, the group prayed the Our Father.