Minutes of Steering Committee,

Winchester Area VOTF, Jan 21, 2004, 7.30 p.m.


In attendance: Bob Morris, Anna-Marie Ferraro, Pat Brandl, Jane Howard, Judy Eisel, Louise Aleo, Clare Keane.


The Opening Prayer was offered by Louise.


Financial Statement: Anna-Marie reported that the sale of Christmas cards for survivor services netted $4100. Our account holds $1895, of which $500 is still owed to Bob for printing and duplicating costs.

26 copies of David Gibson's book, "The Coming Catholic Church" have been sold. Books will be available for purchase next Monday after David Gibson's talk, and he will sign copies. If any remain after that night, they will be made available at future meetings, and, if necessary, at the planned Parish Voices Gathering on April 3.

The subject of honoraria for visiting speakers was revisited. Few, if any, of our guests, have requested an honorarium. The only projected speaker who might request financial assistance is Kathleen McChesney of the Bishops' Lay Council. We might need to pay her airfare and hotel costs.


Discussion of Recent Meetings: The two December meetings drew small numbers of people, due in part to the two weekend snowstorms.

At the January 5 working groups meeting, the survivor support group discussed holding another coffeehouse to benefit survivor services. The priests support group floated the idea of a letter of support to be sent to priests, possibly by email, and of holding further potluck dinners for priests.

The Jan 12 meeting with Steve Krueger was excellent.


April 3 Parish Voice Gathering: Bob passed out a rough draft of the program and led a discussion on the logistics and schedule of the gathering. The planned theme is "Now what is it we're supposed to do?" The meeting will last from 8:30-3:00.


Future Meetings: Bob noted the following meetings already planned:

David Gibson, author of "The Coming Catholic Church" will speak on Jan 26. On February 2, Thomas Beadudoin, visiting professor at Boston College will present a panel of young panel and discuss "The Church, Voice of the Faithful, and Youth What is the Connection?"

Bob also presented a list of future meetings still being planned. One working groups session per month will be integrated into the schedule so that groups can plan events based on their goal, and so that we can respond to news events, publications, statements, and so on. Current plans call for the following topics/speakers:

Feb. 9: Working groups

Feb. 16: No meeting Presidents' Day

Feb. 23: Possible discussion of diocesan audits or rewording of VOTF Goal #2

March 1: Francine Cardman: no title yet

March 8: Working groups

March 15: Evening focusing on pastoral associates

March 22: Possibly a survivor parents' evening

March 29: Lenten evening of reflection led by Sr. Joan McCarthy and Kay Hanigan

April 5; Working groups

Bob also noted that a Prayer Conference, organized by Susan Troy of the Prayerful Voice working group will be held in Chicago on April 17. Pat expressed interest in attending.


The next Steering Committee Meeting will be held on Feb. 18.

For the Closing Prayer, the group prayed the Our Father.